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The Shift Course

There is life after teaching.

Shift is a "go at your own pace" course specifically designed for teachers who are ready to quit teaching but don't know what to do next.

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The majority of teachers who are ready to leave the classroom have no idea what else they'd do.

Take action, even when you don’t know where to begin

Most Sunday nights, when I was supposed to be planning lessons or grading papers, I would find myself on the internet searching for phrases like  “alternative teaching careers” or “should I quit teaching?”

Most of the results were articles about how a 30-year veteran teacher had thrown in the towel by writing an open letter to the New York Times. Or I’d end up in discussion forums filled with teachers complaining about their school, principal, or the system as a whole.

It wasn’t exactly helpful. But I found satisfaction in knowing I wasn’t alone.

The problem was that I wasn’t angry, or burned out, or negative. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to quit. So I resigned myself to the fact that “this is just how it is.”

So I’d close my computer and head for bed, hoping that tomorrow morning would be different. I’d show up full of optimism and energy on Monday morning, but by the following Sunday, I’d find myself doing the same thing again. I was in a bad cycle and I didn’t know how to get out.

Finally, when I was completely honest myself, I realized it was up to me to take control, take action, and move on.  The problem was that I had no idea what else I was good at, what I should do, how I could make money, or even where to start.

Forget the home run. Focus on the journey.

It took me two full years to find my way out of teaching. I had little faith in my ability to find a new job, to “market” myself, to get paid for anything else, or to even know how to be in a job interview (should I ever land one).

But I was driven – determined – to find something else. So I pushed on. I set a “quit date” and pushed myself to do something every week that would help me move on.

By focusing on small actions, making one new connection at a time, reading one new book, being inspired by one new success story, I knew I’d find a way out eventually.

The danger is in standing still.

It’s funny….

  • You want to use your passion in a new career that leaves you fulfilled every day, but it feels like your passion is gone.
  • You’ve put in your time, earned the degrees, won the hearts of hundreds of parents and students, but you can’t see yourself “starting over.”
  • You were never focused on making a bunch of money, but you know you’re worth more. You’re just not sure who’d pay you.
  • You’re hugely talented, charismatic, organized, and focused, yet you think you have no transferable skills.
  • You know you’re not the first teacher to ever quit teaching, but you can’t find a single story about a teacher you can relate to.
  • You know this job isn’t right anymore, but you continue to talk yourself into staying one more year. For the kids. For the community. For your colleagues. For everyone but yourself.

So what do you do?

Get honest, get clear, get help.


Chris Cooper, former teacher and creator of The Shift Course

Chris Cooper, former teacher and creator of The Shift Course

Small successes are key. That first step nudges you forward. A vision begins to take shape. Confidence grows.

It’s like pushing a giant wheel. At first, it will be hard. But as you continue to move in small increments, momentum will develop. Eventually, maybe years from now, the wheel will be fully in motion and it will spin itself.

Imagine if you had another person pushing that wheel with you. How much easier and faster would you build that momentum?

Now imagine 20 people. 50. 100. More. How easy is it now?

The Shift Course

A “go at your own pace” course designed specifically to help teachers gain clarity, build confidence, and create an action plan to leave the classroom.

I’ve been talking with struggling teachers for nearly two years now, listening to similar challenges, frustrations, anxieties, fears, motivations, and aspirations I had when I wanted to find a new career.

I’ve been there. And as strange as it sounds, it’s comforting to know that others are there too.

Now the question is, what can we do about it?

For me, the answer is in helping other teachers shortcut the confusing process of leaving the classroom by sharing my own experiences and building a community of support.

When I decided to walk away from teaching, I found little guidance in how to make that transition. I had to piece it together as I went…

  • I fumbled through networking events
  • I commiserated about the system in online forums
  • I emailed bloggers asking for advice
  • I read self-help books
  • I read business books
  • I struggled to find self-worth, courage, and confidence to move on
  • I aimlessly posted resumes on job boards

The list of missteps goes on and on. Sound familiar?

Now, there’s a better way. A more focused, more thoughtful, more supportive way. The Shift Course is everything I wish I had when I was ready to leave the classroom, all in one place.

The Shift Course helps you…

DEVELOP A POWERFUL MINDSET: Too often, teachers struggle to break free of the “education bubble” they’ve spent years operating within. Learning how to change your language, focus on growth, and continue to give back to the world are the foundational elements of your journey.

GAIN A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF YOURSELF: Believing in and succumbing to the limiting beliefs that are baked into teaching can throw up serious roadblocks to your growth. Understanding how your passions run deeper than you think, how your skills transfer to a new career (and are highly sought after by employers), and how to identify and overcome personal limitations will get you moving in the right direction.

CLARIFY WHAT YOU WANT: It’s nearly impossible to create something new for yourself  if you have no idea what you want. That’s why it’s so important to create a set of small, attainable goals that are in sync with your bigger vision. Once you’re crystal clear about what you want and WHY you want it, taking action becomes a simple process of putting in the work, one small step at a time.

TAKE ACTION: If you’ve ever found yourself spending hours reading blog posts or aimlessly searching job boards than you know that paralysis by analysis is real. This type of procrastination is deceiving; It feels like you’re working toward something, but in reality, you’re avoiding the real work. This is called RESISTANCE. We all have to face it at some time or another. The only way to defeat it is by taking action. Clear goals, a strong resume, and a financial target will have you excited to go out and make things happen.

MAKE IMPORTANT CONNECTIONS: One of the key factors in taking action and moving forward is having the support and accountability to follow through. You need to know you’re not alone in this. No one achieves major change on their own. That’s why being a part of a strong community of like-minded people, learning how to build a strong team around you, and developing an understanding of how to “market” yourself are critical steps in your journey.

Are you ready to change your mindset, take action, and move forward?

Defeat fear, overcome resistance, and take action!

Shift Your Mindset

Making sure you’ve got the right mindset for change, growth, and success is critical. This unit covers…

  • Growth vs. Fixed
  • Tweak Your Talk
  • Scarcity vs. Abundance
  • Move Toward, Not Away
Know Thyself

Understanding how passion and skills translate to a new career is one of the biggest challenges teachers face. This unit covers…

  • Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Being In Integrity
Clarifying the Dream

Once you’ve changed your mindset and have a better understanding of yourself, your vision can begin to take shape. Unit three teaches you…

  • Uncovering Your Passions and Skills
  • Setting Intentions to Achieve Your Vision
  • Market Research
  • Accountability
Making the Dream Work

Planning is only part of the process. You’ve got to take action to really achieve results. This is the part that holds most people back. This unit covers…

  • Dream with Deadlines
  • Resurrect Your Resume
  • Power of Persistence
  • Figuring Out the Finances
Networking & Marketing

Lastly, you’ve got to create a team of support around you. No one can make big changes on their own. Connecting with yourself, prospective employers, and others on a similar journey is going to be essential in your success. This unit shows you how to make connections that matter by…

  • Telling Your Story
  • Putting It Out There
  • Be Your Own Product
  • Building Your Team

Awesome Extras!

  • #1
    Learn At Your Own Speed

    Content has been designed as a progression, with each unit taking about 1 hour to complete. However, each lesson is fairly “meaty.” Because teachers are busy people, you’ll receive full access when you purchase, allowing you to progress at your own speed.

  • #2
    Downloadable Action Plan (PDF)

    A fully downloadable and printable workbook for every action step, from every lesson, to keep all of your progress in one place.

  • #3
    Two Example Resumes

    Turning your teaching skills into “business skills” is challenging. The most common help people ask for is in the creation of a new resume. As teachers, we know examples are always better than simply explaining something, so I’ve included two resume examples. Both are my own – one being the “spin” I put on my teaching skills, the second being a more “creative” resume that takes a totally new approach. Both are yours to use as you see fit in the creation of your new career path.

  • #4
    Resume Review (Available with Coaching Upgrade Only)

    Resumes are like business cards. Everyone keeps saying they’re dead, yet everyone keeps using them.

    And like most things, there’s a right way and a wrong way. The right way? Set yourself apart by highlighting the right things. The wrong way? Not having one ready when a potential employer asks for it.

    I’ve seen tons of resumes and have created one or two myself. Together, we’ll work through yours as many times as you need, making it just right.


Shift is for teachers who feel like lost souls in their classrooms. Primary teachers. High School teachers. Middle school teachers. Teachers in the U.S. and beyond.

This is simple. If you're here, and you've made it this far, The Shift Course is for you.

It's for all of those teachers who feel stuck by the perception of having no choices. Those who are convinced they're alone in these feelings.

It's for teachers who know they want to move on to the next thing, but aren't quite sure how.

For those who feel something pushing them toward greater challenges, but don't know where to start.

The Shift Course is for teachers who are looking for support, encouragement, and community with like minded teachers.

You have no idea what you'd do after teaching.

You keep waiting for things to change on their own.

You know you want to quit, you just don't know how to start.

The guilt, uncertainty, anxiety, and fear of leaving ends here!

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How do I get started?

Simple. Choose a package below (the course alone or course + coaching), click to purchase, and enter your credit card info.

You’ll instantly have access to every lesson, giving you the freedom to move through the material in your own time.

The best part, you get lifetime access, so you can watch, slow down, rewatch, speed up, or take any other path you can think of. There’s no time limit and no pressure.

Your progress is 100% decided by your determination.

I was determined to stop resigning myself to a life of quiet suffering. Once I decided to leave, the rest fell into place. Today, I’m happier, healthier, and freer than I’ve ever been. I found a way – my own way – and you can too!

See you inside!

15 DAY GUARANTEE! Easy Peasy

ZERO RISK, 15-Day Guarantee!

Ideally, you’ll move through all the materials over a five week period. But I understand that you have a life and giving this all your focus in that short amount of time may not be possible.

That being said, I want make sure this is right for you, without forcing you into a  time or money commitment you’re not comfortable with.

I stand behind every part of the process I’ve outlined in The Shift Course. Get in within the first couple of weeks, work through some of the lessons, and get a feel for what it’s like. If you decide within two weeks of your initial purchase that  it’s not right for you, let me know. I’ll fully refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Questions? Let's Discuss...

Do I have to complete the course in a certain amount of time?

Take as long as you need to get the results you’re looking for. The entire course is twenty lessons over five units, so it makes sense to do them one week at a time. That said, you may need longer to process the material and take action.

Is there a payment plan?

Nope. I’ve purposefully priced this so that EV-ER-Y-ONE can access it without breaking the bank.

Do I need to have my shit together?

Who does?

Isn’t this the reason why you’re here?


How much work will I have to do?

Well, I guess that’s up to you.

But know this: if you want results, you must be committed and willing to do what it takes to figure out the answers you’re looking for. 

If you get into it and find yourself thinking, “I already know this” or “this is too simple,” you’re not open to the kind of change The Shift Course requires. At that point, you should either redefine your goals or ask for a refund.

Can I do go through Shift more than once?

Definitely. Because you have lifetime access to the material, you’re free to watch/listen to each lesson as many times as you need to.

And as materials are updated, you’ll have access to those too.

What if I sign up and decide it's not right for me?

There’s a 15-day money back guarantee. Just send an email letting me know you’d like to cancel and you’ll get a full refund.

Can I trust you?

That’s up to you. But let me help…

I taught high school English for eight years. I hold certifications in Language Arts and Social Studies for middle and high school. I’ve taught in Title I schools and suburban schools. Kids who were living in their cars to multi-million dollar mansions. I’ve taught everything from ACT prep courses for kids who scored in the single digits to AP Literature.

All of that to say, I was experienced. And I was good. And I walked away from it all.

I started my own successful copywriting business not knowing a damn thing. Two years later, I love every minute of it. I started that business with two young kids, no savings account, and no clear direction.

I was doing the best I could at the time.

I can’t claim to have EVERY answer you’re looking for. I’m only one guy. Then again, no one can make that claim (if they do, run! Run far, far away!)

But I can promise you that the action steps you’ll take through The Shift Course will give you more confidence and direction than I ever had.

The Shift Course Is Now Closed

The Shift Course
One-Time Payment

5 units,  20 lessons

Step-by-step lessons w/ video

Access to future updates and bonuses


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The Shift Course + Personal Coaching
One-Time Payment

5 units,  20 lessons

Step-by-step lessons w/ video

Access to future updates and bonuses

Resume review

2 Personal Coaching Calls via Skype with Chris Cooper, creator of The Shift Course

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There are a lot of coaches and programs out there, but I like how Shift is focused on teachers transitioning. It's so refreshing to talk to someone who's already been there. For some reason, it seems to be more difficult for us to think we can do so.

I just rocked unit 1! Well put together...The shift in keeping a positive mindset has really helped me to transcend the negativity that sometimes surrounds us. In fact, today, a colleague complimented my positivity! Shift has helped me begin the process of becoming fully self-employed by the end of 2016.

I'm enjoying the course. I find myself re-watching the videos as I work through the action steps (which are incredibly introspective and, well, beefy). Each one deserves its own week! Shift and Chris have helped me quite a bit as I work toward what's next.

The Shift Course Is Now Closed

The Shift Course
One-Time Payment

5 units,  20 lessons

Step-by-step lessons w/ video

Access to future updates and bonuses


Get on the Wait List
The Shift Course + Personal Coaching
One-Time Payment

5 units,  20 lessons

Step-by-step lessons w/ video

Access to future updates and bonuses

Resume review

2 Personal Coaching Calls via Skype with Chris Cooper, creator of The Shift Course

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