Have you ever dreamed of doing something other than your sport?

If you were anything like me, probably not. I loved to compete! But the reality is, at some point your athletic career will come to an end, just like mine did.

What if you could stay focused on your sport and intentionally prepare for the "arena" you compete in next?

Don't wait until the lights are out and you walk out of the locker room for the very last time. Be prepared! 

Now is the time to take that step!

Be confident!

The Shift Course will give you the framework to successfully navigate life after sport.

What athletes are saying

Tommy Heinemann

Former MLS, NASL, USL player

The SHIFT Course is a simple and highly beneficial program that helps athletes understand what motivates and drives them as individuals. It is a non-intrusive way to help athletes identify their strengths and weaknesses, understand their intrinsic design, and create a plan for life after sport. Personally, I enjoyed working with Jonathan and the SHIFT Course. Going into it, I had a concrete understanding for what I wanted to pursue post playing career. It gave me confidence to continue pursuing those things as I prepared for life after sport. I firmly believe it will help prepare athletes for life after sport, and will ultimately leave a lasting impact on the lives of athletes everywhere.

Devala Gorrick

12 year professional player

All throughout my career I had known about the very tough transition that athletes must go through after they end their career. I assumed I would be able to figure out the next stage on my own, thats until I faced the retirement road myself after a 12 year pro career and lifetime of living/breathing/sleeping soccer. SHIFT is the only program you need to help athletes build mental toughness and personal development once they step into the next arena of their professional and personal lives.

What you will learn from The SHIFT Course

5 steps to help you successfully navigate the transition to life after sport!

  • S - Start Now - Your very own "pre-season"

  • H - Heart - clarify what drives you and discover your "why"

  • I - Imagine the Future - think about and clarify what your next "arena" could be

  • F - Focus - action steps to bring your future into view and build a map to your future

  • T - Take Action - creating positive daily habits and how to eliminate limiting beliefs

Now's the Time

Your athletic career will come to an end at some point, be ready for that moment and transition well into the next arena!

Get Started

Hello, I'm Jonathan Van Horn

creator of the SHIFT course

As an elite and university athlete, my sport was everything. My life and focus was on competition and to excel at my sport. But, when the harsh reality set in that I was done, it was a struggle! And that is why I developed the SHIFT course. To create a process to help athletes be successful whenever they make the transition into their next "arena" and lay a foundation for the rest of their life. Over the past 15 years, I have been mentoring, investing in, and helping athletes not only develop as people, but also help navigate the difficult transition to life after sport.
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Your action plan

  • 7 video lessons

    7 video lessons that will guide you through the 5 steps to SHIFT and build a solid foundation as you transition to life after sport.

  • Downloadable workbook

    Easy to follow workbook with the action plans needed to be successful to prepare and navigate the SHIFT course and your transition.

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